Civil law guides compensation when people have suffered injury and financial loss caused by negligence or any wrongful act, or under contract, business, property and other law. When one civilian sues another civilian, it’s referred to as a Civil Lawsuit. The two most common civil claims are contract claims and tort claims. The word “tort” comes from the Latin word meaning “wrong.” Under the law, negligence is classified as an “unintentional tort,” which essentially means the defendant did not cause harm on purpose. To establish negligence in a civil case, three stipulations must be met: a duty of care must exist between the parties, proof that the defendant fell short of the duty of care, and evidence that the defendant’s negligence resulted in damage or harm must be presented. Once negligence is established in a civil suit, the court can decide if the victim should receive compensation. This compensation is referred to as the “damages.”

Resolving disputes takes time and commitment. However, unresolved disputes are costlier, and they have the potential to dramatically affect your business or your personal life. We can help you achieve the best possible resolution that works for you.

Our priority is to help our clients avoid conflict, but when that is not possible we help them consider all of their options. This includes careful, creative consideration of the costs and benefits of pursuing conventional approaches including court actions and other strategies such as arbitration, mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

All clients would rather spend less than more money on legal services. To help with that, we take the time and effort to understand our clients’ needs and goals. We can then be constructive with our advice and explore a range of dispute resolution options. In every situation, we seek to design a solution to fit our clients’ needs and goals, and then implement that solution in the most cost-effective manner possible.

To further understand the process of Civil Law in Alberta, the lawyers at AB Law can answer any questions you may have. The Civil law team at AB Law understands the complexities of Civil law in Alberta. Let us help you understand your rights, and help you work towards the best possible solution for you.

We can assist you with, but not limited to the following:

·       Small claims court actions;

·       Court of Queen’s Bench actions;

·       Debt collection;

·       Construction and Real Estate law and Builders Liens;

·       Administrative or Board Hearings;

·       Insurance disputes;

·       Proceedings in all courts and before all tribunals;

·        And much more…

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