It is essential to have the best representation possible when accused with a crime due to the long-lasting implications that crime can have on an individual’s life, rights and freedoms. Unfortunately, ignorance or failing to understand criminal law is not an adequate defense to avoid being found guilty. The consequences of crime are determined by the severity of the crime. For example, misdemeanors, which are lesser crimes, might only entail a fine or brief jail sentence, but felonies, which are more serious crimes can lead to long terms. Other consequences may include but are not limited to loss of certain freedoms such as the right to drive or travel which are determined on a case by case basis and individual circumstances. Moreover, depending on the severity of the crime – a criminal record may dictate future opportunities such as where a person can or cannot be employed, for example. Although, an individual has the right to represent himself or herself during criminal proceedings, the consequences of having poor legal representation can be severe as demonstrated above.

Our priority is to help our clients take the best course of action based on their situation and charges laid. This includes careful and critical analysis of the facts of the case as it is applicable to the legal issue. For example, in some cases, you may decide to plead guilty or defend the charges laid against you based on the defense and evidence available. We will not only help you determine the best course of action for your case but will also help you navigate the complex criminal justice of Canada. Our goal is to provide you with the best legal advice by giving you the proper guidance, knowledge based on many years of experience with the legal system.

However, since each case is unique, it is important to seek the right legal guidance from a qualified team of professionals. To further understand the process and procedures of Criminal Law in Canada, our team of experts at AB Law can any questions you may have. We understand the complexities of the Criminal Code of Canada. Let us help you understand your rights and help you work towards the best possible outcome for your situation.


We can assist you with, but not limited to the following charges:

-        Shoplifting

-        Traffic Safety

-        Dangerous Driving

-        Youth Offences

-        Property Offences

-        Administrative Offences

-        Property Offences

-        Obstruction Charges

-        Fraud

-        Criminal Harassment

-        Domestic Assaults

-        And much more …


As stated above, we assist our clients throughout the whole criminal justice process. For instance, some people choose to retain a lawyer during the investigation period of a crime, before they are even charged. This often happens if someone is a suspect and has reason to believe that he or she will soon be charged. In these instances, a criminal defense lawyer may help instruct the individual while being questioned by authorities to ensure the suspect doesn’t divulge any incriminating information. On the other hand, criminal defense lawyers can also assist you during the criminal trial. They can analyze your case, identifying its strengths and weaknesses. From there, your attorney and you can collaborate to come up with a defense strategy.

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